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PetroChina > Work and Career > Employees Health

Preventing occupational diseases

PetroChina attaches great importance to occupational health, implementing the Occupational Disease Prevention Law, and focusing on prevention and management following the working laws of occupational health and characteristics of oil enterprises. The Company organised revision of institutional materials such as the PetroChina Occupational Health Guide, deepened occupational healthcare and organised occupational physical checks.In addition, the Company pays close attention to analysis and control of the physical check results and eliminates and prevents any negative impact of occupational diseases on employees’ health.

With great emphasis on occupational health management and service at operations sites, we actively promoted identification and detection of occupational health hazards at workplaces, and organised special prevention and control activities for dust and poisonous hazards, examined the dust and poisonous hazards at workplaces, carried out test, repair and maintenance of health facilities and equipment such as those used for poison isolation, dust removal, noise and temperature reduction. In addition, the Company strengthened occupational health management and service during operations, explored ways of occupational health management and service during the large-scale operations, and emphasized disease prevention and drinking water management during operations, which eradicated occurrence of infectious diseases and food poisoning.

Promoting health knowledge

With active promotion of the Code of Occupational Disease Prevention of the PRC, the Company attached great importance to occupational health management and improvement in the competence of core employees, and organized seminars on occupational health. In addition, occupational health training and consultation are provided for the grassroots and frontline employees.

Caring about psychological health

The Company gave prominence to the psychological health of employees, organised the affiliated enterprises to implement the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in order to relieve employees’ psychological pressure. The Company also held mental health lectures to care for every employee to alleviate their psychological pressure.